What we do!


Connect Buyer and Seller…..or Seller and Buyer

Find Buyer or Seller for your specific needs

Use our Seller and Buyer Database to your advantage

Do the your Social Media Marketing for your item being sold, or even looked for

Whatsapp Marketing

Email Markting

Ibid acts as facilitator between seller and buyer and has no responsibility for the Livestock/Items that are on offer.

The Seller


The Seller can list their items by sending us an email to, or by Whatsapp to 0814762282 and we will upload it for them.

You can either list your items for sale or you can put them on auction.

Once we have received your listing we will check it and clear it if all is in order according to our opinion.

We do not take any responsibility should you have errors on your listing, however we do double check if we can see mistakes

The Buyer

To purchase from the IBid Agri platform you need to register as a buyer

You can either do this by registering via the Register Link on the Menu on our Website, or contact us to help you.

We might request further details from you to be verified

Should you wish to inspect an item, please contact us to arrange this for you

Once fully verified you can freely purchase what you want.

Auctions will need a Buyers Deposit from time to time. Please check the Auction you are interested in for more details.

Prices are per head, if not differently specified!

Once a product has been purchased you will be furnished with an invoice and Banking Details. When payment is received transport for the item you bought can be arranged

Once Animals/Items are loaded, they are considered to be the property of the buyer and no further responsibilities will be taken by seller.


Transport is to buyers own account, accept if specified differently

Goods may only be collected after payment has cleared


Fees are only applicable once a items has been sold. If the item has not been sold no fees will be charged

Prices are per head, if not differently specified!

There are no listing fees

3.5% of sales value (15% for Loose Goods & Poultry!) will be invoiced to seller once item has been paid by buyer